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Home Inventory -- Documents everything in your home so that in case of loss, damage, or stolen property, items are not overlooked or forgotten when filing an insurance claim.

Office Inventory -- Provides an accurate record of all equipment, supplies, etc. in the workplace.

Business Inventory -- Itemizes and updates your merchandise, as well as its location, via periodic photogrpahic inventories. In the case of showroom stock, DL Photos will do scheduled photo updates which will allow you to keep track of an unlimitied variety, by location, at any given time. 

Construction Site Review -- Provides documentation of construction progress to facilitate the release of funds for continuing construction.

Estate Planning

Bequest -- With a photographic inventory by DL Photos you have the ability to allow others to view the inventory in the privacy of their own homes on their own time away from any outside pressures or influences instead of having to deal with such matters in the stress of the moment with  innumerable  pressures and influences affecting them and their decisions.

Wills -- So there can be no question as to your intent or the item intended, photographic proof allows you to specify particular items right down to location and a physical image of the item.

Probate -- In the case of probate, an immediate photographic inventory can prevent mishandling, misunderstandings and, in some cases, outright fraud by the administrator and/or attorney.

And -- any other purpose where a record of the contents would be useful or needed.

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